Steffany Greenfield

professional photographer

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2012 1st Place “Photographie Beauty” Award
2012 1st Place adf Shootingstarcontest
2013 G+J Photoaward Categorie Lifestyle
2014 second Place “Mensch und Natur” Leica

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Richard Smith
Sara Johnson

Eco Cosmetics
Dave Woodsman
Johanna Lee

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Devotees from all over Europe will come together to celebrate the 40ª Anniversary of New Vrajamandala with the Fourth Edition of The Holy Name Festival.

The Holy Name Festival will be held from the 26h to the 28h of July. And the EARLY BIRD price will be open from the 1th of June until 30th June.

Spanish and European Yatra, devotees, second generations, gurukulis, youth, bhaktas and friends… will have special days in company of the Holy Name and his most pure practitioners.

In New Vrajamandala, Spain, at the beautiful and heavenly sacred place where the sun shines as our presiding Deities Sri Sri Radha Govinda Chandra and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.