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Clients & Testimonials


Authentic Collection
Kadamba Kanana Swami
Sacinandana Swami
  • Even after you have removed all obstacles, the material world is such a place that there will still be a problem. So that’s why you need the protection of the Lord.

    Sacinandana Swami
  • Vaisnavas are sustaining us in our spiritual life and without them it becomes so difficult.

    Kadamba Kanana Swami
    Special Guest
  • It is said that mantras, philosophy and visiting holy places will not work in Kali Yuga to purify the impure heart. Only the Lord’s holy name will do it.

    Sacinandana Swami
    Special Guest
  • The service we do today is the seed for a greater service tomorrow. That is the secret of Bhakti, the yoga of devotion.

    Kadamba Kanana Swami
    special guest

Why Choose The7


Devotees from all over Europe will come together to celebrate the 40ª Anniversary of New Vrajamandala with the Fourth Edition of The Holy Name Festival.

The Holy Name Festival will be held from the 26h to the 28h of July. And the EARLY BIRD price will be open from the 1th of June until 30th June.

Spanish and European Yatra, devotees, second generations, gurukulis, youth, bhaktas and friends… will have special days in company of the Holy Name and his most pure practitioners.

In New Vrajamandala, Spain, at the beautiful and heavenly sacred place where the sun shines as our presiding Deities Sri Sri Radha Govinda Chandra and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.

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8500 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone numbers:
(424) 123-0045, (424) 123-0067


We are open:
Monday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM

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